water resources committee


water resources Committee Mission Statement:

The FLERA  Floodplains Management Committee is comprised primarily of and for the benefit of local governments' floodplain management professionals. Our goal is to lower the risk of flood damage in our communities by identifying and implementing effective floodplain management practices. This is accomplished in three primary ways:

  1. Sharing case studies and best management practices

  2. Improving the business case for effective floodplain management

  3. Using the business case and case studies to advocate for improved land use rules and policies

Key Topics of Emphasis or Discussion

  1. Funding opportunities such as the RESTORE Act

  2. Primary drivers and challenges such as the Biggert-Waters legislation, FEMA's CRS program, and developmental pressures

  3. Case Studies and Best Management Practice discussion

Key FLERA 2019 Legislative Agenda Items

  1. NFIP reauthorization and any related legislative items (e.g., NFIP regulatory changes regarding Endangered Species Act requirements which shift the burden to local governments)

  2. Monitor and comment on any proposed state level bills related to floodplains and floodplain management

Committee Contact Information

Tom Ash, ash@epchc.org

Donna Bailey, dabailey@scgov.net
Greg Blanchard, greg.blanchard@mymanatee.org
Darry Boudreau, dboudreau@tnc.org
Khan Boupha, kboupha@jonesedmunds.com
Rob Brown, rob.brown@co.manatee.fl.us
Lisa Foster, ldfoster@co.pinellas.fl.us
Melanie Higgins, melanie@questecology.com
Cindy Jolly, cynthiamjolly@gmail.com
Chris Perez, virgilio.perez@fema.dhs.gov
Andrew Rella, andrew@econcrete.us
Nancy Rodlun, nancy.rodlun@ocfl.net
William Shultz, wschultz@largo.com
Karen Sjoholm, ksjoholm@martin.fl.us
Andy Squires, asquires@co.pinellas.fl.us