Air Committee

The FLERA Air Committee is comprised of representatives from the counties having local air program. At this moment there are eight air local air programs represented on the committee. The Air Committee focuses on maintaining consistencies between counties and the state in implementing the federal, state and local air rules and regulations, maintaining an Air Program Specific Operating Agreement and Title V Agreement with Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and having mutual discussions on EPA’s and FDEP’s budget, policies and priorities that would impact the local programs.

Air Committee Mission Statement

The mission of the committee is to advocate for preservation and protection of air quality, in Florida’s counties in collaboration with the State of Florida.


  • The effect of House Bill 7103, which requires development permits to be reviewed within 30 days of receipt, on local program permits

  • FDEP/local program Title V Agreements negotiation timing and budgeting

  • Ambient Air Monitoring Network Data Completeness

  • State Air Division Director’s invitation for a face to face meeting with the local air program directors in Tallahassee

  • Any legislative agenda/issues


Sterlin Woodard, Chair, Hillsborough County,
John Hickey, Sarasota County,
Laxmana Tallam, Palm Beach County,
Susanna Palomino, Miami-Dade County,
Lorenzo Fernandez, Broward County,
Michael C. Williams, City of Jacksonville,
Wanda Parker, Orange County,