Waste Management / Tanks Committee


Committee Mission statement:

β€œTo serve as an advisory and advocacy group, with a local program perspective, for a progressive, collaborative, and common-sense approach to waste management issues in Florida, including: contamination cleanup, storage tank compliance, solid waste management, and the Brownfield Redevelopment Program.”

Committee Priorities:

1.       Increased Local Program funding for Storage Tanks Compliance Program task assignments.

2.       Encourage the formulation of new Soil Cleanup Target Levels in Chapter 62-777, FAC, for benzo(a)pyrene and other polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon contaminants of concern.

3.       Improve consistency, forecasting, and incentive pay in Petroleum Restoration Program Task Assignments.

4.       Communicate concerns to the FDEP regarding less robust assessments under the LSSI and LSA Programs and consequences for remaining contamination, as well as concerns related to the future of the Petroleum Restoration Program as the closure rate declines once all low-scored sites are assessed.

Committee Contact Information:

David Vanlandingham - Chair, Broward County; DVANLANDINGHAM@broward.org
Hooshang Boostani, Hillsborough county; Boostani@epchc.org
Steffanie Wickham, Hillsborough County, WickhamS@epchc.org
Ted Goodman, Alachua County; tgoodman@alachuacounty.us
Allene Rachal, City of Jacksonville (Duval County); mcintosh@coj.net
Doug Divers, Brevard County; Doug.Divers@brevardfl.gov
Jean Richards, City of Jacksonville; jeanr@coj.net
John Hickey, Sarasota County; Jhickey@scgov.net
Mark Williams, Palm Beach County; mcwillia@pbcgov.org
Robert Durant; Orange County; Robert.Durant@ocfl.net
Ruth Rauenzahn, Orange County; Ruth.Rauenzahn@ocfl.net
Wilbur Mayorga, Miami Dade County; mayorw@miamidade.gov
Kayla Acosta, Broward County; kacosta@broward.org