2019 Legislative Priorities


Contact Executive Director Diana Ferguson at executivedirector@flera.org or FLERA President Lisa Foster at ldfoster@co.pinellas.fl.us for additional information.

guiding principles

FLERA supports legislation that provides flexibility for local control of environmental protection.  FLERA opposes legislation that contains unfunded mandates or preemption of home rule authority relating to environmental regulations or programs.

land acquisition and management

FLERA supports full funding of the Florida Forever program for the acquisition of environmentally sensitive lands.  FLERA supports an allocation from the Land Acquisition Trust Fund (LATF) for local government land management activities on environmentally sensitive state lands. 

floodplain management

FLERA supports legislation that would provide funding for local government flood mitigation and coastal resiliency projects including supporting priorities of the existing National Estuary Programs and the creation of Estuary Programs in the Panhandle.

petroleum storage tanks

FLERA supports full funding for DEP local government cleanup contracting and local government compliance verification contracting.

FLERA opposes efforts to increase offshore drilling activities in state or federal waters.  FLERA supports the federal Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act of 2006 (GOMESA), which bans oil and gas leasing within 125 miles off Florida’s Gulf Coast until 2022.  FLERA opposes any federal legislation that moves the ban to an earlier date.  FLERA supports keeping Florida’s East Coast free from offshore drilling and maintaining the Department of Interior’s commitment to remove Florida from consideration in the next draft of the proposed leasing plan.

Offshore Drilling

FLERA supports state funding to expedite the closure of ocean outfalls in Florida.

Ocean Outfalls

FLERA supports state funding for innovative projects to address Florida’s biosolids challenges.