Land Conservation Committee

Committee Description:

The FLERA Land Conservation Committee (LCC) was borne from a need for  local government land conservation programs to be better able to communicate not only amongst themselves, but to project a unified voice among policy-makers. Land conservation and land management remains a strong value for Floridians.  The function of the Land Conservation group is to inform FLERA on land conservation and management  issues so that they can advocate on our behalf to the Legislation. The LCC consists of a core group of local subject matter experts and practitioners, supported by the complete roster of local land conservation programs around the state.  Attached is the current roster of programs who participate in a quarterly telephone conference call that are not necessarily FLERA members. The purpose of the calls is to provide a sounding board for issues that the various programs may face.


Top Legislative Priorities for 2018-2019: 

  1. Provide 10% of the amendment one dollars to local governments for land management projects.

  2. Fully fund State Land Acquisition programs such as Florida Communities Trust , Water Management Districts, State, Greenway and Trails and Rural Land Stewardship Program.

  3. Protect Home rule regulations for tree protection and preservation programs.

Committee Members:

Beth Jackson, Chair (Orange County)
Janet Gil (Miami- Dade County)
Mike Middlebrook (St. Lucie County)
Jon M. Robinson (Sarasota County)
Danielle Dangleman (Volusia County)
Cynthia Guerra (Monroe County)