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Welcome to the Florida Local Environmental Resource Agencies, Inc. (FLERA) home page!


Information’s pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.”

– Clarence Day (1874-1935)


This quote taken from a world so long gone couldn’t be more relevant today.  In our age of the Internet, information is just keystrokes away; in fact, we’re overloaded with it!  The current challenge is getting the right perspective and insight on all that information to make it actually work for you.

That’s where FLERA comes in.

As a member of FLERA, you get up-to-date information, and you’re “plugged in” to a statewide network of smart, passionate, forward thinking environmental managers, both government and private.  Talk about perspective – in a few keystrokes or a conference call, you can workshop your local issues or plans with experienced minds and gain the insight of dozens of local governments, from metropolitan to rural.

You also gain an advocate.  FLERA has a robust Legislative monitoring program, working even before the session starts on issues that matter to you.  We are meeting with key managers at state agencies on budget and policy issues, educating state legislators on local issues and fighting for your rights at the local level.

Successfully positioning yourself in Florida’s rapidly changing world takes initiative and a strong Rolodex.  A membership with FLERA can provide both.

The mission of FLERA is to enhance communication, education and advocacy for Florida local environmental protection efforts. FLERA was formed in the late 1960s as a voluntary association of local environmental programs to share information about mutual resource concerns and solutions. Today, FLERA is a diverse organization of state, county and municipal agencies and consulting firms. Our members provide a wide variety of environmental protection and land management services.

We hope that you choose to become a member of our team, and stand together with us to protect Florida’s environmental resources.

FLERA is a not-for-profit Florida corporation and is approved as an exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Latest Posts

FDEP has posted the most recent version of proposed wetland Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method forms

The FDEP has posted the most recent version of proposed wetland Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method forms, along with testing results and comparisons to the current version of UMAM, on their ftp site at ... read more

Upcoming Webinars and events

New events and webinars have been added to the calendar! This month is the TBAEP Luncheon, the FDEP Wetland Delineation Field Booklet Webinar, and more.

2014 Legislative Session Fiscal Analysis in Brief

General Appropriations Act ... read more

Proposed Rule Changes to affect Wetland Impact and Mitigation Calculations

Regulatory agencies are busy these days with several proposed revisions to rules that affect wetland impact and mitigation calculations.  These rules all have the potential to affect local governments, both for regulatory ... read more


Hillsborough County’s  Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) is seeking an Environmental Scientist I. ... read more

Job Announcement for Miami-Dade Sustainability Initiative Coordinator

Miami-Dade has a RER Sustainability Initiative Coordinator Position open in the Regulatory and Economic Resource Department. The position closes soon, so apply now! ... read more

Site Manager Job Announcement in Volusia County

The County of Volusia Environmental Management Division is seeking an experienced and highly motivated Site Manager to work in the Petroleum Restoration Program. This position is a 40 hr/week, contract position. ... read more

Sustainability Specialist – Position Announcement

Orange County’s Environmental Protection Division is seeking to fill a Sustainability Specialist position. ... read more

Climate Resilience Specialist – Position Announcement

Broward County Climate Resilience Specialist ... read more

RCAP Is Official!

Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties Prepare for the Effects of Climate Change ... read more
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