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ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATES (ESA) is a multi-disciplined environmental consulting firm serving clients ranging from government agencies to nonprofits to private industry.  Formed in 1969 in San Francisco, CA, ESA brings over 49 years of experience in a wide range of environmental services, including:

 ·         Environmental assessments and impact statements;

·         Natural resource planning and management;

·         Regulatory analysis, permitting, and compliance;

·         Environmental monitoring program design and implementation;

·         Biological, cultural, and water resource studies and investigations;

·         Ecosystem restoration and mitigation design;

·         Land and wildlife management services;

·         Airport and highway noise and air quality assessments;

·         Geospatial analysis and remote sensing; and

·         Climate adaptation planning and resilience solutions.

 ESA employs over 500 environmental scientists, planners, engineers and cultural resource experts (40 staff in Florida) dedicated to forming enduring partnerships and raising industry standards.  Through our diverse practice groups and multiple offices nationwide, ESA’s nimble, multidisciplinary teams provide world class expertise combined with attentive client service to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to our client’s most challenging environmental problems. In addition, ESA is an employee-owned firm with a demonstrated record of corporate stability and controlled growth – important factors that foster trusting and enduring partnerships with our clients.

ESA has made a strong commitment to the principles of sustainability over the past three decades, both in terms of our internal operations as well as the focus of our professional services. We integrate rigorous science with practical engineering solutions to address a range of problems affecting the continuum of ecosystems ranging from the headwaters to the coast.  ESA specializes in the planning and design of multi-objective projects that result in sustainable flood protection, water quality improvement, ecosystem restoration, and recreational benefits.  The key to this success is first fully understanding the root causes of observed problems, and then developing solutions that work with rather than against the natural processes involved.  Over the last 30 years, many of ESA’s stream, wetland, and coastal restoration projects, and watershed management plans, have been implemented resulting in both lasting ecological and economic benefits as well as an extensive knowledge base of lessons learned to apply to future projects.