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Floodplain Management Committee

The goal of the FLERA Floodplains Management Committee is to promote a stronger tie between environmental resource regulation and floodplain management program responsibilities to ensure compatibility, reduce redundancy, and integrate activities to maximize effectiveness of programs that serve the public and protect floodplains. The FLERA Floodplain Committee plans to achieve these goals by

  • Promoting partnerships among state and local government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, and the private sector to ensure that local government resource managers are aware of adopted floodplain management program objectives, regulations, and available technical guidance.
  • Sharing case studies and best management practices concerning the natural and beneficial functions of floodplains.
  • Promoting public understanding of floodplain management and its cost/benefits to citizens and communities in achieving improved stormwater management, flood resiliency, and environmental protection.

Key Topics of Emphasis or Discussion

  1. Funding opportunities such as the RESTORE Act, FEMA mitigation grants and non-profit organization funding sources.
  2. Primary drivers and challenges such as ongoing Federal and State flood insurance program reform legislation, FEMA’s CRS program, and developmental pressures.
  3. Case Studies and Best Management Practice discussion
  4. Educational needs to support a certification program in floodplain management in coordination with the State University System.
  5. Open Space Cost/Benefit Study
  6. CRS User Groups
  7. True Risk in Real Estate-Cost of flood insurance when insurance is obtained true, subsidized role, CRS discount (real rate)
  8. BRANDES – Hazard mitigation matching grants-this year with revisions.


Committee Members


Darryl Boudreau, The Nature Conservancy, (850) 207-4477

Lisa Foster, CFM, Floodplain Coordinator, Pinellas County, (727) 464-8962


Nancy Rodlun, Community Outreach and Media Coordinator-Orange County Environmental Protection Division,, (407) 836-1442

Christine Shephard , The Nature Conservancy,

Bill Shultz, City of Largo,

Andy Squires, Pinellas County,

Melanie Higgins, Quest Ecology,

Thomas Sinett, City of Largo,

Khan Boupha, Jones Edmunds,

Erin Morrison, UF Students,

Janet Bowman, The Nature Conservancy,

Cynthia M. Jolly, PE, CFM, Stormwater Management Project Manager, Pasco County

Rob Brown, Manager, Environmental Protection Division, Parks and Natural Resources Department, Manatee County,

Please contact Darryl Boudreau at or (850) 207-4477 to join this committee.

Helpful Links

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service – Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations (WFPO) Program

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service – Flood Damage Assessment Tools

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