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Air Committee



Committee Description 

To address local Air Program priorities in the state of Florida

Key Topics of Emphasis or Discussion:

We met in April in Tampa and in October in Chattanooga at the EPA grants meeting. On both occasions we met with the DEP’s Air Director and discussed the State Title V contracts and the Specific Operating Agreements (SOA). The contracts have since been signed with several programs getting a two contract for the first time. The current SOAs have been extended while the details are worked out on a new model agreement. The new SOA will put a greater emphasis on ambient air monitoring. We also discussed encouraging Pinellas and Jacksonville to officially rejoin FLERA. Both have strong programs and are a big part of what we do.


Goals and Objectives (short or long term)

  1. Complete the model SOA with the State of Fl for Air and get them executed.
  2. Fund capital purchases to maintain the aging ambient monitoring networks.
  3. Ensure adequate training is available for staff as we are experiencing some turnover of tenured employees.
  4. Work with State of Florida DEP on standardizing SOPs (i.e. air monitoring, air general permit compliance enforcement.

Committee Member Contact information:

Name Phone E-mail
Jerry Campbell 813-627-2600
H. Patrick Wong 305-372-6934


Current Events:

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